VoIP Phone Systems

Blue Valley Technologies and our subsidiary, Networks Plus, are leading providers in voice over internet protocol or VoIP services for businesses. Using a cloud-based phone system, we can save your business money, increase productivity, minimize distractions, and help your business run more smoothly. Imagine a world with more features, less hassle, and no more long-distance charges.

Virtual PBX delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system without the hassle of managing and maintaining a PBX.

With our Virtual PBX, you’ll get powerful features such as:

  • Auto attendant
  • Unified messaging
  • Find-me follow-me
  • Personalized on-hold messaging
  • Tie multiple locations together with one phone system

Best of all, the low up-front and monthly costs won’t break the bank! Contact us today at 877.876.1228 to find out if VoIP is right for your business.