Managed WiFi

Make your great Wi-Fi our responsibility with managed Wi-Fi!

Take the frustration out of your home wi-fi with managed wi-fi!

  • Having problems with wireless Internet connectivity in your home?
  • Does your Wi-Fi access go on and off?
  • Do certain devices not want to connect to your Wi-Fi?
  • Is there an area of your home you would like to improve your Wi-Fi connectivity?

Blue Valley now has the capability to manage your home Wi-Fi!

What to expect with Managed Wi-Fi:

24/7 Tech Support

Over the phone tech support is available 24/7, 365 days a year! Our technicians can manage and update your Wi-Fi router remotely from our office.

Secure Wireless Network

We’ll help set up a secure, password protected wireless network to help keep the hackers at bay.


Our technicians will setup and configure a firewall to keep your network safe from intruders who may try to access and cause problems on your devices.

2 Band Options

With a dual-band router, you now have options on the best way to connect your devices.

Device Connection Assistance

We will help setup and configure devices like computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. so you have optimum Internet performance.


If your router equipment should go faulty, the replacement is on us! (Charges may apply if problem is customer related).

Managed WiFi Costs

Service Price
Managed WiFi price $9.95/mo.
Installation fee $29.95